June is National Home Ownership Month! 

(This article first appeared on ActiveRain written June 28, 2019)

I am a firm believer in home ownership. I purchased my first home at age 17. Since then, I’ve bought and sold over a dozen PRIMARY residences, not including fixer uppers and flips. Perhaps I move more frequently than most, but with each move, I was able to reinvest my profits and “move up” in value.


Did I mention I love real estate?Proud to Be a Homeowner with American Flag


As a child of Depression Era parents, I learned at an early age home ownership was the ONLY way to go. Mortgage payments were substantially less than they are today, but so was the cost of living. In 1950, the average annual income for the middle class was roughly $3,000, which would equate to around $29,000 today. (Courtesy of a quick web search.) 


In college, one of my assignments was to present a speech to the class. My topic?Renting vs Buying a Home.


I prepared a poster outlining the advantages of home ownership. After all these years, the reasons for owning a home hasn’t changed:

  • Pride of ownership
  • Freedom to do as you choose on YOUR property
  • Low interest rates
  • Peace of mind
  • It’s a forced way to save. 
  • Never have a rent increase
  • Tax savings
  • Mortgage interest deductions
  • Equity escalation (appreciation)
  • Safe investment
  • Capital Gain Exclusion


A home purchase is generally the largest investment you will ever make. You build equity with each mortgage payment. You’re free to decorate and paint to your hearts desire. You can hang as much art on the wall as you wish without fear of retaliation from the landlord.


Deciding to purchase a home will be the best financial decision you can make. It would be my honor to guide you through the process of choosing the RIGHT home for you and your family.